August 26, 2021

Ohio College Vaccine Law

This is an analysis of what the current Ohio laws are concerning vaccines for college students.  This does not take into considerations Constitutional Law or Federal Law, including the Civil Rights Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). 

By Raina Cornell, Esq.

Ohio law does not have vaccine requirements for college, just reporting requirements in limited situations.

Nonprofit (most “public”) colleges and universities in Ohio must obtain disclosure from all students who will be residing on campus of their vaccination status for meningitis and hepatitis B. However, there are no other requirements and private colleges are not included in this stipulation. Exemptions do not apply because this is a reporting requirement, not a vaccination requirement.

However, some colleges and universities have enacted their own vaccination requirements, often through student body organizations.  Some offer exemptions readily, others do not or claim that there are none.   Because Constitutional Law and Federal Laws apply in Ohio, arguments can be made to seek exemptions for medical and/or religious purposes.

The following link provides additional information and options for declining college-required vaccines: Health Freedom Ohio blog post.

If you are presented with a form from a college or university, compare it to ORC 1733.55 for compliance with the law.

For further information the following link provides the law set forth in the Ohio Revised Code:

1713.55. Meningitis and hepatitis B vaccination